Albrecht Durer's Bat

Chiroptera a.k.a. Bats- the only mammal blessed with flight. Bats constitute 1/5 of mammal species. There are over 1,000 types of bat, and they're found in every corner of the world. Five species even live in Alaska. They're not only prolific; they elimate insect pests, and they're important pollinators. Only a few bats drink blood, and it's more like sipping blood. The blood drinkers stick mostly to cattle, and reside in South America.

New York is home to some 9 or 10 species of bat. About 5 species take refuge in the city proper. It's a great environment. Lots of bugs to eat and dark, warm buildings in which to roost. Spotting bats in NYC.

Bats can be broken into two categories, Microchiroptera and Megachiroptera. Megachiroptera are generally larger, and feast on fruit. All bats in New York are Microchiroptera. They eat insects and use echolocation to navigate and forage. Echolocation begins with the animal emitting a sonic call. The call bounces off objects or prey, and the echo returns to the animal. This enables the bat to navigate in complete darkness. The strange bat faces below are carefully designed to aid in capturing echoes.

"Chiroptera" from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, 1904



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Albrecht Durer was a German artist who lived during the Renaissance. 1471-1528. Not only did he have the steady hand to make the craziest line drawings ever, he used his skills to revolution printmaking. The great grandpappy of graphic design. A lot of heart and dedication and dementia went into his religious prints, like in the Knight, Death, and Devil above. But few could capture animal life like Durer. Well before the photograph, Durer made animals breath on the page. Galileo would later follow suit and attempt a museum of the natural world in paper. But for now, more Durer animals to follow. Durer Bio from Met Museum




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