This past weekend I visited the New Museum to see the exhibition entitled "After Nature." The title vainly presumes that humanity will finally kill off nature once and for all. It's another dire entry in the contemporary art world's backlash against biennials and big art market consumerism. Like the International Center for Photography's recent exhibition, the ironically titled Ecotopia, the New Museum's current morbid exhibition is slathered with pessimism for a world past salvation. This is plain acceptance of a bleak, barren and boring landscape free of human or animal life. Many of the works are too mundane to stir much interest, apart from the spacious fourth floor which houses a taxidermy horse body rammed into the wall, a frankenstein tree and tiny photographs of star light. All in all, another downer from the bowery's New Museum, home of the summertime blues. Never mind the building's shiny facade, the contents within create a feeling reflective of the neighborhood - the dirge of dingy and disposable modern life. Save your money and take a walk round the bowery at night for the same effect.

New York Times Review
New Yorker Review



I've got indoor cats now, but I miss my neighborhood street cats.






A friend and I took the Metro North train from Grand Central up to Beacon, NY on the Hudson River. We were off to see the Dia Museum which was well worth the trip. Converted from an old paper factory, the building is gigantic and appropriately houses massive, mostly minimalist artwork. Each section is divided by artist and the work is given a huge amount of breathing room. Endless hardwood floors and plentiful sky lights and comfy couches all compliment the work. A great place to really get away from New York and relax with some work that provides the same rewards as the effort you supply it. Personal favorite rooms were the Robert Smithson, Bruce Nauman, and of course the Andy Warhol (as pictured above). Highly recommeded.



From Associated Press: Morning train commuters in Tokyo were joined on their way to work by an unusual companion on Wednesday, August 20: a wild monkey.



Hi. New Animals is back. Srsly. Last friday, I went to a great show. Not Radiohead super light show kind of great (which was awesome), but sing-a-long rocking out in a basement with guitars and banjos kind of great. I saw Port O'brien at Union Hall. These guys rocked out for all in attendance and you could see that they were having a lot of fun doing it. The singer works 1/3 of the year on a small fishing boat up in Alaska with his dad, and writes a lot of the songs about fishing and the sea and life on the boat. For the last song, the band requested that we open a box up front labeled "Alaska Adventure something." It was filled with pots and pans and tamborines which got passed out to everyone to bang along and join in singing on the last song. It was awesome. Also! If you are a girl that took pictures with a Holga of the show, and are somehow reading this, send me the pics!

Daytrotter session songs
Port O'brien website
Interview with singer Van Pierszalowski



There is no internet where New Animals is currently residing. This post communicated telepathically. We return to Brooklyn and internet connectivity and posting this weekend. Stand by. Hope you are having a wonderful summer.