Takasugi-an, a tea house in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan by Terunobu Fujimori.

The name Takasugi-an means, “a tea house [built] too high.”

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Artist Guilherme Dietrich's Sketch Books.
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Little darling...



There is a giant sea worm capable of inflicting permanent numbness in humans with its sting. His name is Barry. You have been warned.

Here is the article from the Daily Mail -

Aquarium staff have unearthed a 'giant sea' worm that was attacking coral reef and prize fish.

The 4ft long monster, named Barry, had launched a sustained attack on the reef in a display tank at Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium over recent months.

Workers at the Cornwall-based attraction had been left scratching their heads as to why the coral had been left devastated and - in some cases - cut in half.

After staking out the display for several weeks, the last resort was to completely dismantle it, rock by rock.

Halfway through the process the predator was revealed as a four-foot polychaete worm.

Staff eventually lured it out with fish scraps, but not before it bit through 20lb fishing line.

The tropical worm is capable of inflicting permanent numbness on humans with its sting.

Matt Slater, the aquarium's curator, said: 'Something was guzzling our reef but we had no idea what, we also found an injured Tang Fish so we laid traps but they got ripped apart in the night.

'That worm must have obliterated the traps. The bait was full of hooks which he must have just digested.'

He added: 'It really does look like something out of a horror movie. It's over four feet long with these bizarre-looking jaws.

'We also discovered that he is covered with thousands of bristles which are capable of inflicting a sting resulting in permanent numbness.'

Mr Slater said Barry, who has now been relocated to his own tank, probably arrived as a juvenile in a delivery of living rock from another aquarium.



A friend and I took a great hike up Breakneck Ridge off the Hudson River in New York. From atop the Ridge, we saw a castle in disrepair on a small island in the Hudson, Pollepel Island. The castle was built in stages from 1901 to 1918 by Francis Bannerman VI. Bannerman, a New York business man, purchased 90% of the US Army surplus after the Spanish-American War, including a large amount of ammunition. This castle, Bannerman's Castle, was built in the style of a Scottish castle to house this large quantity of ammunition. In 1920, two years after Bannerman's death, 200 pounds of shell and powder exploded and destroyed a large portion of the castle. A subsequent mysterious fire in 1969 destroyed even more of the castle. Not so surprising, the Native Americans believed Pollepel Island to be haunted. I also believe this island to be haunted. And I believe it to be totally awesome.





From New Animals to New Humans. I don't know if I can really recommend New Human's recorded efforts. They could be construed as dense, dull, or dynamic. However, I'm excited to see them play live on April 9 where some interesting visuals may be offered, and the collective noise might be better ingested in mass. They play the new non-profit space in Chelsea, the X-Initiative. This new endeavor occupies the space of the old Dia Chelsea at 548 w 22nd Street. It will only be open for one year with four "phases" of exhibitions.

New Humans recordings can found at ubuweb sound along with numerous other recorded artist interviews and sounds.